Used Car Dealership in Las Vegas, NV

About Our Used Car Lot in Las Vegas

My friends and family often asked me why I decided to start an auto dealership. I’ll tell you exactly what I told them; I started Patriot Motors out of sheer frustration.

As a native of Las Vegas, husband of twenty-two years and a father of four kids, I have spent countless days shopping for automobiles for my family over the years. I began to absolutely dread the car shopping experience. The good ol’ days of finding clean quality cars from private sellers are long gone; that marketplace just doesn’t exist anymore. Today we are extremely limited on how we can buy cars. One option is to visit the huge corporate car dealerships staffed with aggressive salesman working on commission pushing overpriced cars. The cars are overpriced because the company has extremely high overhead and needs to cover their costs.

Our second option is to venture out and visit the smaller used car lots in Las Vegas. Overwhelmingly these lots are filled with cars that simply fail to meet our expectations. We find high mileage, dirty, nasty smelling, and unreliable cars staffed by rude and unprofessional personnel.

I have said for years, “Why does buying a car in Las Vegas have to be so painful? It really shouldn’t be this difficult.” I decided I could do it better and have created a different way to buy cars.

I am a 25+ year service member of both the US Army and US Coast Guard and have been engrained with an ethos of honor, respect, and devotion to duty. I bring that same philosophy to my small business.
Patriot Motors is a family owned business and I promise you will NEVER be treated like a number. When you call or visit our showroom you will meet directly with Matt, Cody or myself and can expect the following:

  • No tricky sales tactics or hours sitting in the dealership waiting to hear if the ‘sales manager’ accepted your purchase offer.

  • I personally guarantee you will be impressed with how clean and reliable our cars are!

  • We meticulously clean the interior and exterior of our cars so when you sit down in the car you immediately relax.

  • Looking under the hood you will see all the engines have been steam cleaned, fluids full, everything checked.

  • Additionally, all our cars go through a detailed safety inspection.

We go the extra mile to ensure your experience with us is relaxing and stress free. Come in and check us out...you won’t be disappointed.

Thanks for your consideration,

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